Green Mountain Guard

Green Mountain Boys Provide Medical Services
Quoting a conversation focused on the State Partnership Program he had had with Gen. Martin Dempsey, the Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Carter Ham said, "we can surge troops and equipment, but you can't surge trust." Gen. Ham, Commander United States Africa Command, captured the essence of the State Partnership Program during a breakfast with the Vermont National Guard Director of the Joint Staff, Brig. Gen. Richard Harris in Dakar.
Airman PlateletsVTANG AIRMAN
The kind of dedication Sanborn has comes from many people in his life who have touched him. His first encounter with the miracle of life-saving platelets was with a childhood friend who, some 40 years ago, got leukemia. The doctors gave her a prognosis of one year to live. After undergoing bone marrow transplants and platelet transfusions in those early years she is, thankfully, still around today.
Senegal ReliefRelief in Senegal Green Mountain Boys Provide Humanitarian AidCrowded outside the gate, hundreds of Senegalese men, women and children waited with the hopes of being treated by medical and dental personnel. Thirty-two members of the Vermont Army and Air National Guard traveled to Thies, Senegal to participate in a Humanitarian Civic Assistance project (HCA) as part of Western Accord 2012. For two weeks they had the opportunity to work alongside counterparts from Senegal, Burkina Faso, Guinea, and The Gambia to treat more than 1,800 local residents for various medical and dental ailments.