We have also been able to acquire these three fine examples of helicopters that we are proud to display on the grounds. These represent a wide variety of aircraft that have been designed for their own distinctive services from med-evac, troop carrier and scouting.

Included in our display are the UH1V HueyOH6A Osage Bell H-13EClick their names for a external link to more in depth information.

UH1V Hueyhelicopter image
Utility/transport equipped with one 2-BLADE main rotor and one 2-BLADE tail rotor (1CREW, 11PASSENGERS).

OH6A Osagehelicopter image
Light observation helicopter with 4-BLADE rotor. Used for reconnaissance, target acquisition, command/control.


Bell H-13Ehelicopter image
Used in the Korean War primarily for the evacuation of wounded personnel.