Desert Storm

A Brief Summary:

Also known as "The Gulf War" or "The Persian Gulf War " it began when then Iraqi dictator, Sadam Hussein, invaded his neighboring country of Kuwait in an effort to annex this country to his. Hussein had accused Kuwait of overproduction of oil and also stealing oil from his Rumailia oil fields by angle drilling across the Iraqi border.

The United Nations issued sanctions against Iraq with the support of the United States and tried to diplomatically end the invasion. This attempt continued until the initial air war was announced by Marlin Fitzwater on 16 January, 1991.

A ground war was initiated on 21 February, 1991 by U.S. Army, Marines and Arab forces. In less than 100 hours the City of Kuwait had been liberated. By March 3rd, 1991 the Iraqi leadership had accepted a provisional truce and a permanent cease-fire on April 6, 1991.

Shown below are a few items we have accumulated from Desert Storm action. Click images for larger versions!

Desert Storm Items

U.S. desert camo uniform as worn by our troops during Desert Storm. Also visible when visiting in person are a night camouflage jacket and chemical light on the left shoulder and the two quart canteen.

Desert Storm Items
Desert Storm campaign medals, Iraqi currency and captured pistol.

Desert Storm Items

Shown in this image are:

F: Russian made RPG7 Rocket/Grenade launcher captured from Iraqi's during Desert Storm.

G: Beretta pistol, made for Iraq. Captured during Desert Storm.

H: Russian made AK-47 with folding stock as supplied to Iraq in Desert Storm.